The NTL Pension Association (NTLPA) is an independent body run by a volunteer committee for the benefit of members of the NTL Pension Plan. It is not sponsored by Virgin Media (the company that took over from NTL) or any other organisation, but NTLPA is recognised by the Trustees of the NTL Pension Plan as representing members of that Plan. NTLPA is funded by an annual membership fee (currently £10 pa) paid by each of its members.

No financial advice

NTLPA does not offer any financial advice and nothing on this website, or in any communications from NTLPA should be considered as financial advice. The site contents is provided for general information only and we strongly recommend that anyone take professional or specialist advice before making any changes to their pension arrangements.

Member records

NTLPA keeps a record of its members for the purposes of keeping in touch with them and for posting or emailing the quarterly newsletter and occasional other communications to them. NTLPA does not share its membership data with any other people or organisations, except in the limited cases described below. The NTLPA website does not use or collect any member specific information.

  • If a member asks us for the contact information of another member we will first ask that member’s permission before passing on any contact details.
  • We send a name and address file to our printers for them to generate mailing labels for posting our quarterly newsletter to members who have not chosen to receive it by email.
  • In the case of the death of a member of the NTL Pension Plan the Plan Administrators (XPS) will advise the name of the deceased to NTLPA and NTLPA will then tell the Administrators whether or not they were a member of NTLPA. This arrangement allows XPS to send an appropriate pro-forma letter to any spouse or other remaining beneficiary without disclosing that person’s details to NTLPA which could otherwise be a breach of that person’s rights.

External Links

Where links are provided to external websites NTLPA is not responsible for the content of any of these sites.


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