NTLPA has a collection of pictures, articles and other media that may be of interest to former employees of IBA and related companies. These are contained on a “cloud” drive which can be accessed via this link. Additional items and videos can be accessed by members, with password, via the Members’ Gallery page.

Recently added is a folder containing IBA brochures and a staff newsletter provided by Clive Thirlwall (E&D).

Other contents includes:

24 Technical Reviews published by the IBA between 1972 and 1988

Photographs from many IBA training courses

Photographs of Crawley Court and a fascinating 87 slide powerpoint presentation “A Millennium at Crawley Court” by Mike Lambert tracing the history of the Crawley Court site from 1000 to 2000 AD

Photographs taken at several IBA reunions (at the Potters Heron).

Various site photos and other articles

Audio clips

and more…..

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