NTLPA is for anyone with an interest in the NTL Pension Plan and those who just wish to maintain contact with former colleagues in IBA/NTL. We urge all Plan members to join NTLPA as we are here to represent your interests. For more details see About Us.

By becoming an NTLPA member, you will help strengthen the Association’s position and effectiveness when pursuing collective pension matters with the Trustees, Virgin Media or other related parties.

As a member you will have a representative body who will endeavour to support you when raising non-personal issues relating to the NTL Pension Plan that are of concern to you. You will also receive a quarterly newsletter keeping you in touch with NTLPA news, topics of interest and articles by other members and you will have full access to the NTLPA website and details of activities.

Full membership is open to all members of the NTL Pension Plan. This includes current and former employees of IBA, DTels, NTL and current and former employees of Virgin Media, (and possibly others) – irrespective of whether currently drawing a pension from the Plan, or with a pension due in the future (deferred pension) or with a pension or deferred pension as a spouse or dependant of a former Plan member.

Associate Membership is open to ex-NTL, DTELS or IBA staff with no retained interests in the NTL Pension Plan. The only distinction between the two categories of membership is that in a discussion relating to the Scheme, Associate Members do not have voting rights.

It is easy to join NTLPA – it costs just £10 per annum, payable by standing order.

If you use online banking the easiest way to join NTLPA is by using the first form below. This single page gives our bank details and you just need to set up a standing order to us, with first payment of £10 immediately, then annually thereafter, and email the completed form to the address given on the form.

If you do not use online banking use the second form which contains a standing order mandate form to send or take to your bank. This form can also be downloaded and printed for postal membership applications. If would like to join but can’t print the form please email or write to the Secretary for a copy.

Thank you for your interest in joining NTLPA.