The NTL Pension Association (NTLPA) was formed in November 1993 (initially as the NTL Retirement Association). It exists to represent the interests of members of the NTL Pension Plan and to maintain social contact within its membership. The Plan’s sponsoring employer is Virgin Media (the company that took over from NTL) and members of the Plan are former employees of the Independent Broadcasting Authority (IBA) and/or NTL who are now either retired, working for Virgin Media or working in Arqiva or elsewhere, but with a deferred pension in the Plan.

NTLPA is an independent body, run by a volunteer committee. It is not sponsored by Virgin Media or any other organisation. NTLPA regularly meets the Trustees of the NTL Pension Plan to discuss issues concerning the Plan.

If you are member of the NTL Pension Plan, whether still working or a pensioner, and have not yet joined NTLPA, please consider becoming an NTLPA member by joining the Association. The Join Us page contains the necessary forms for postal or online applications. The Association is open to all Plan members whether pensioner, deferred or the dependant of a former member. Associate membership is open to those who would like to keep in touch but who do not have a financial interest in the NTL Pension Plan. We look forward to hearing from you soon.


  1. To promote and further the interests of pensioners and deferred members of the NTL Pension Plan.
  2. To provide a channel of communication to the NTL Pension Plan Trustees, to Virgin Media (the company with responsibility for the Plan), and others connected with the Plan.
  3. To encourage and facilitate contacts between members.

Communication and Activities

NTLPA publishes a quartertly newsletter with pension plan news and members’ activities and articles that is sent to all members either electronically or in print format.

The NTLPA committee meets every 2 months, and afterwards meets members and friends who are able to attend at an informal pub lunch in Stockbridge, Hants.

Members of the NTLPA Committee meet with the Trustees of the NTL Pension Plan twice a year to discuss matters of interest.

NTLPA holds an Annual General Meeting (AGM), normally in October, with the venue, date, and agenda published in advance.

NTLPA is a member of the Occupational Pensioners’ Alliance ( which is a body that exists to represent pensioner associations like NTLPA and seeks to monitor legislation on pensions, to influence emerging Regulations.

A group of members based in and around Hampshire take part in informal golf meetings about every six months. For dates, contact details, and reports see the Events area of the site.

Because of the widely scattered membership, the Association does not arrange social activities other than the AGM, pub lunches, and golf mentioned above but we do publicise any others that we are aware of, such as the annual “IBA Reunion”.