The 2021 NTLPA Spring Golf non-event

It never happened! Having postponed the April and October 2020 competitions due to Covid 19 lockdowns, the last throw of the dice was a planned Spring 2021 competition at the High Post Golf Club on 19 May. As only three players put their names forward, I was forced to cancel the NTLPA society booking. Nevertheless, the three, plus an injured me in a buggy, teed off at the agreed time and had a very enjoyable, dry game of golf on that excellent course. The three, were Dave Manuel, Danny Paul and Pete Thompson. Danny won the day with 32 points; Pete was close behind with 31 and Dave with 26. I swung the odd club intermittently!

As we discussed over a pint in the clubhouse afterwards, it is regretted that the biannual spring/autumn competitions have run their course, having started in 2001. There have been fewer and fewer entrants on each occasion over the years due to ageing and relocations; the scheme has withered on the vine. As such, it was decided, reluctantly, that there shall be no further biannual NTLPA golf competitions.

I would like to thank all players who have taken part over the years. I’ve enjoyed the games, the courses, the banter and the camaraderie, as I’m sure most others have. I know that those of us still playing will be in touch with each other and carry on trying to reach that illusive pinnacle of perfection!

Sam Roberts